We are a brand with purpose. Our goal is to design and produce iconic pieces developing actions that allow us to make the most of and take maximum care of our resources to ensure a better future.


Our pieces are designed to be timeless and for them to last a lifetime. This is why we do not follow trends and seek to create our own path developing excellent quality products that ensure a longer life cycle and reduce rapid consumption.

We responsibly produce our pieces through the ‘made to order’ approach. This way we avoid overproduction and provide our customers with more conscious and exclusive products.

As we continue to grow, we are committed to pursue our search for more ways to reduce our impact.


Our production is made locally in Cali, Colombia by a small family owned business with over 15 years experience producing swimwear and resort wear. As well, we support local upcoming businesses and freelancers generating jobs, economic growth, and thus supporting a circular economy.


100% LINEN

This plant based fabric uses less water and it is grown without chemicals.


Uses less energy and water. Produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.


Made from plastics waste. Fourteen 600ml PET bottles make 1 swimsuit.


Pigments used are certified free of lead and other dangerous metals.


Gender equality is a big part of our company employing both men and women in our design, production and distribution teams.

We promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle, as well as a stability and working conditions so that each garment is made with dedication and lots of love.


We optimize our production processes giving the greatest use to our fabrics to avoid waste. Because of this in some of our pieces prints might fall differently making them unique.


Our designs are digitally printed which drastically reduces water and toxic waste, compared to other printing techniques. Saving millions of liters of water every year.


All our packaging is fully recyclable. We use paper and cardboard produced from sugar cane fiber. Reducing water and energy usage and at the same time lessen CO2 emissions.

Instead of using paper or plastic bags, we use cotton tote bags that can be easily reused for any activity.

Our aim by the end of August 2021 is for all of our shipping flyers to be 100% compostable and biodegradable.

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